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Covid-19 informations


We have always paid great attention to compliance with basic hygiene rules, but recent events have asked us to deepen our cleaning procedures and methods.

In order to offer you a pleasant stay and guarantee health safety, here are the measures in force within the Magellan hotel

1- Respect for Barrier Gestures

We protect you, we protect ourselves!

All the teams wear a mask and even if it is not the most elegant accessory to wear, we will ask you to do the same.

The housekeeping team wears a mask, gloves and an overall for the cleaning room, this equipment is renewed with each new room.

Our chambermaids apply a "bio-cleaning" method to clean / disinfect while respecting my ecology. They work according to a step forward where "the dirty never meets the clean".

Hydroalcoholic Gel stations are available at the entrance of each building and in the reception hall.

To allow you to walk safely, we offer you a small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, to slip into your bag before going out.

A circulation path is indicated in the reception hall to allow you to stroll while respecting the distance rule.

2-Cleaning products

We use cleaning products in accordance with the standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

All our products are virucidal and bactericidal but respect the ecology and the sensitivity of allergic people, by not emitting toxic substances.

3- Care of linen and tissue

Our bath and bed linen is washed at 60 ° C.

Our sofas, seats and curtains are cleaned with a steamer.

When tissue elements, such as our bed covers do not support high temperature cleaning, they are removed from the rooms.

The linen used for cleaning the rooms and maintaining the premises is washed at high temperature at the end of each day.

4-Accessories and welcome amenities

Temporarily, we remove newspapers, magazines from the rooms as well as the welcome amenities from the courtesy tray and the bathroom.

However, all of these items remain available upon request from you. In this way, we are sure to provide you with previously disinfected products.

4 - Point of vigilance

All our premises open to the public are ventilated several times a day as well as the rooms, before each cleaning.

Public toilets are cleaned / disinfected several times a day.

We take special care to disinfect:

  • Door and window handles
  • The switches
  • The remote controls
  • Tables and desks
  • Magnetic keys
  • The pens
  • Shampoo and soap dispensers
  • Tissue boxes

 6- A Breakfast in a different form

Obviously, the terrace is always accessible for breakfast outside when the weather is good.

However, this particular period requires us to temporarily close the breakfast buffet. However, we do not want to deprive you of this pleasure and we have organized a tasty continental breakfast!

An order form is at your disposal where you will indicate the drinks and dishes that you like as well as the time at which you want to have your breakfast, in order to avoid crowds in the breakfast room or on the terrace.

We have reinvented our takeaway breakfast. We have biodegradable cutlery and trays so you can choose all the products you prefer.

For an intimate breakfast, it is always possible to have breakfast in your room.

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